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Greg Petersen, Owner

Petersen Properties


Committed to Superior Student Housing


Greg, Thank you for being a great landlord and having such a nice home for Ryan [my son] for the past two years!  

Julie Wall, parent of a tenant

Petersen Properties

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Committed to Superior Student Housing

Thanks for all you've done this year for my daughter. She said you were an amazing landlord and an even more amazing person.

Linda Ospahl, parent of a tenant 

I had the best time at 1106Johnson. Thank you for making it a great place to live.

Tom Sticha, student tenant 

Thanks for getting the [the bathroom] done so quickly. I know I can speak for the other guys when I say how much we appreciate what you do. I hear borderline horror stories about how my friends’ landlords never get anything fixed, and we really appreciate how quick and thorough you are.

Laramie Immel, student tenant